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The sound of the gong has been used for healing and relaxing purposes for centuries. The gong artist (Arnbjörg) tunes into stillness and lets the deep peace of nature come through for the best possible effect for the listener. Listening to the gong a good way to reduce stress in every day life.

Gong played in Icelandic nature
Look for Peace Resound on App store, Itunes. It is also available on Spotify.

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About the gong artist
Arnbjörg Kristín plays the gong in all of the recordings on Peace Resound. She is a yogateacher and has trained playing the gong with teachers both in the US and Europe. The best teacher however is a simple one: practice and stillness while serving the sacred sound current.

A sacred truthful space is valuable during transitions in ones life and it brings her great pleasure in serving at those occasions.

She has worked for the city of Reykjavik as a teacher and soundhealer for emplyees and in public events in Videy. This year she also participated in LennonOno Peace grant award ceremony by playing gong while Yoko Ono honored the participants. She also playes every year in Reykjavik Peace Festival where many international choirs come together to sing Lennon´s song: Love.

Send an email to to inquiry about an event for your retreat or gathering.

"The sound of the gong is the channel of Pure Truth, and whenever Truth is experienced, healing occurs. When the gong is played, the sound vibrations immediately quiets the mind, allowing healing to occur. The gong's resonance is the very music of the spheres; the heavenly bodies of the universe. Each planet, moon and star is a gong emanating the divine sound of AUM in its variety of vibrational patterns.

The Gong Bath will immerse you in sound as you are guided to a deeper level within. The gong sounds and vibrations stimulate a meditative and contemplative state in which we have the opportunity to safely surrender control of the mind. Negativity and chaos are suspended, irregularity and resistance are cleared, and the mind, body, and soul are reset to a state of synchrony and alignment, allowing us to connect with our Authentic Holistic Self.

When the gong is played correctly we are in a state of non-locality, as if there is no player. Our subconscious mind takes over, and our conscious mind becomes selfless, our personal identity becomes trans-personal. This is a state we refer to as "the soul abode of the neutral self" abiding in Satya Nirvana or Truth Love.

In yoga this is also known as Turiya, meaning value judgment and ego is gone and True Self has come. It is from this vantage point that we may recognize the nada yoga of the gong and the power of its holistic resonance. Our intentions and suggestions become more powerful, and energies that are spiritually healing flow out to everyone."

-Don Conreaux


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